Rust FULL Map

Hey All,

I have put together a full map of rust.



Damn that must have taken some time. Good on ya.

Wow, the portion of the map that is currently in use with resource spawns is so small compared to the rest. Imagine all the things they could add, wow!

Yea about 3 hours. I’m sure they will add more later on. To travel from one side of the map to the other is about 2 in game days. Me and a mate walked all around it in about 6 hours :slight_smile: BTW there is no hidden eggs that we could find. I think the developers should build a tunnel in the mountains for people to stumble across. :slight_smile:

Good work mate!
I hope they will add some sort of city/industrial complex like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R that is not radioactive, where you could build a base.

Very good job, man.

Cool. Hopefully they will put all of this wasted space to good use.

Is it still assumed that this is just a test map? I never realised how big it was!

Amazing !

I assume if they make it a bit like Age of empires they will add lakes with fish and snow :slight_smile: the map is called 2013, they may add more maps.

Interesting, do I see a crater to the north? Plot foreshadowing perhaps?

Don’t mean to piss on anyone’s fireworks but …

Since reading this I’ve always lived with the assumption that we’re playing on a test map that will eventually be completely replaced. However I never knew it was this big. And I haven’t herd any more recent news on this.

Thanks I didn’t know they were going to add a new map

The impression I had (and I dont know where i got this from,it could be complete bs) is that there will be more than 1 map eventually

It was suggested on that same thread by Garry that they might have different maps for different seasons. They also might find a way to implement them all into one … Which I hope they do :slight_smile:

But still I wouldn’t be surprised if there are several different maps by release day.

Really looking forward to the patch when they officially open it up to new horizons. Getting pretty bored with it the way it is…

Can’t wait till they add the marshes and more dynamic environments.

Cool stuff! I’m really interested in the middle upper part seems like a sort of crater/vulcano, could turn in to something cool…

reminds me of the surface of the moon to me. maybe its from being zoomed out that far but you can’t see the trees very well.

Never though it’s so big they could add so much stuff into it. Good job man.

My friends and I went for a 30 minute pointless walk east. That huge mountain right on the eastern side of the map has some really awesome building grounds. Very flat fields.

Lets just say if and when they release the final map, if its this size or bigger and all useable, you’d be screwed if anyone who raided you wasn’t within 2 game km from you. This picture is awesome, gives you a great example of the maps size but you gotta really walk it to see it all. Everytime you step over a peak, it just looks like infinite planes ahead.

They shouldn’t remove this map, they should add another map and just randomly generate a node, animal, resource map and place it over the whole thing. I am confident in saying these maps are randomly generated, nothing should be wasted.