Rust future updates

Jet packs?
Exp system?
Not sure if its a survival game anymore

It would it been nice to upgrade the already existing things like let users upgrade their homes near river with a lake wheel to grind wheat to make flour and let ppl make buckets to store water from lakes like a normal survival game.

I would actually like the game to become more primitive with modern techniques coming in here and there.

Things like having to swim to the bottom of a lake to gather clay so you can make molds for tools and weapons, adding a water wheel to your riverside home to have some basic electricity for lights and radio, a roof that is connected to some barrels to store rain water (the current rain collector is never used and is so dull).

While i understand the game is still in early development and that the devs are keeping it simple, it would be nice if you needed more prerequisite to build or craft certain things like nails, hammers, saws, makeshift drill, file, just to name a few.

Also guns should not be something you can craft as soon as you lose it, a gun needs to be a life long partner that can be refined after crafting to adjust the sights, materials and firing mechanism to suit the player to a point where even the ammo, barrel and receiver can be customized.

I feel like rust is going to be an Mad Max like Survival where technologie exists but its rare, but right now its too much technologie and primitive stuff is mostly being skipped completely did anyone of you ever build a sword just for the plain use of it?

Guess what 90% of you didnt, and the point is i cant even blame you guys since getting better stuff is far too easy, right now its like this:

Spear -> Bow/Crossbow -> Pipe -> Firearms. No one Uses swords/grenades which is sad cuz those fights are mostly the funniest ones.

True well theres nothing we can do now but wait to see players and hackers flying none stop while 5 others drive a car near your base and drones cr your base