Rust game asset - Wood gate

I’m truly a huge fan of the concept of Rust, and ever since they released the early access, I knew that I wanted to try to be apart of the Facepunch team! I know this is wishful thinking, but I’ve always told myself to at least try and I hope this might open their eyes to seeing some potential in me :). I decided to use one full weekend to create a high quality game asset based off a piece of concept from the concept team at Facepunch, and keep it within the same quality consistency as the current version of Rust.

I wanted to make this post to show my progress, as I’ve just finished the high-poly sculpt/model, and wanted to share a screenshot of it! :wink:


I’ve used Blender 2.71 for the sculpt, and will continue to use Blender for retopology and uv unwrapping, whereas I will use Substance Designer combined with Photoshop to texture the game asset. I have preordered Unity5 and I have Beta access which will allow me to show renders of the finished art asset in Unity5 with their GI and Physically based shader solution.

More coming soon…!

  • Esindesign

Well hopefully you’ll be able to sell your work on the market place, job or no job :slight_smile: