Rust Game Ban - Not logged in since January 14

Good Afternoon everyone,

Today I finally had the time to play my games, and with that being said, one of my friend on steam messaged me and asked what my game ban was for. I was confused to what he was talking about, I looked on my profile and I have a game ban record. Not entirely sure why or how I got banned as I have not logged in on my steam account since January 14, nor have I played any games prior to January 14.

The games I only played was Rust/CS:GO or Space Engineers, I have not played space engineers since last year, CS:GO is protected by VAC so it is impossible to cheat on that, the only conclusion - is Rust, since I newly got the game, and it was the only game I have been playing -often-.

I have googled around to see if I could appeal this in one way or another, in conclusion, It has lead me to posting here

I would like to appeal for this ban as I am confident to say that I have not cheated in any way possible, I have not logged in on my account since January 14th. Having a “Game Ban” on my steam profile looks really bad on me and my friends thinks that I’m a cheater. Please help me or if anyone could direct me to the right place for this issue.

Thank you in advance.


Steam profile:

fyi game bans don’t take effect right away, so there’s nothing out of the ordinary with that ban taking ~9 days to kick in like that.

if you got an EAC ban, it means a rust cheat was detected running while rust was running.

Runescape botting not enough for you? Got bored of Reign of Kings hacking? Bored of Maple Story trainers, too?

You have a bit of an Internet trail, bud, and it does not do your story any favours.

Im sure the admins/developer can review my account for anything. I have played RoK with EAC and on reddit, I have seen many people saying EAC has many flaws, saying that a lot of innocent are being banned

Hopefully a developer/Admin can review my account soon and will provide any information necessary to get rid of this game ban on my profile.

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Again, Rust is a completely different game that I did not cheat on. Will provide any information to the admins/developers that I did not cheat on Rust.

and FYI for RoK, Im only involved there for personal research and personal reason against a clan at the time. If I did cheat on RoK, my account would have 2 game bans now.

With Maplestory and Runescape, they are true. but that is completely off topic

Thanks for confirming.

Well, of course people being banned would claim they’re innocent. If they can talk their way out of being banned they can keep cheating without having to get a new Steam account and pay $20 again. That doesn’t mean anything.

There have been about three EAC false-positive incidents with Rust, and all of them were caused by bugs in either the Rust server or the Steam service connecting Rust servers to EAC that fed EAC corrupted detection data that triggered invalid bans. These were all undone immediately once EAC devs detected the issue.

If your ban is a mistake, it will be undone. If it’s a legit detection, that game ban isn’t going anywhere. I’m not a Rust or EAC dev but I’ve seen this same thread hundred of times and I know how it works out.

Thanks for your input.

please read my previous post regarding RoK

and with that being said, I will wait for dev’s final statement.

–If I got banned on Rust, why did I not get banned on RoK. they are both running EAC
–Why would I waste 20$ to simply cheat when a game has an anti-cheat?
–If I did cheat on RoK , I should of been EAC banned a long time ago. Resulting in 2 game bans in total now.
–I still believe this ban made on my account was an error by EAC.

My point in bringing up your history of cheating in other games is that it makes it hard to believe that, out of the tens of thousands of anticheat bans that’ve been handed out that were not mistakes, you, a person with a history of cheating as recent as visiting the Runescape botting forum today, are an innocent victim of a ~0.5% false positive rate by pure coincidence.

But, hopefully EAC will swing by soon with the results of their investigation into your ban.

There was one incident where legitimately innocent people were wrongfully banned was corrected hours afterward. Essentially everyone else who has been banned by EAC has rightfully been so. They are claiming otherwise in an attempt to discredit EAC because apparently turning a community against something is easier than just buying the game again and not cheating.

Damn, was too slow and what I was trying to say was said already.

I am not here to make you believe in my story, but yes you have a point

like on my previous post, I already did admit in Runescape botting. but again, they are completely both different games

(it’s lowkey creepy though how you have all these information, can you, by any chance, find my personal facebook too?)


Will wait for developer’s final statement/request

  1. RoK EAC bans do not transfer to Rust and vice versa; unless you actually ARE EAC-banned on RoK you should be able to play it just fine right now, according to the EAC devs themselves, even though there’s an active EAC ban on you for Rust. Even VAC doesn’t work like this except for first-party Source and GoldSrc titles (a TF2 VAC will ban you from Orange Box games but not CS:GO or L4D/2, for example).
  2. Some people see the $20 for a copy of Rust every time they get caught and $15/month or whatever the payhack costs as more than a justifiable cost for the tons of fun they get out of ruining everyone else’s game until they get caught a week or two or three later. Admitted cheaters have come here to say “you can keep banning me, I’ll just keep making new Steam accounts, $20 is nothing to me”.
  3. EAC bans have only very recently started inflicting game bans on Steam profiles, so that’s hardly evidence
  4. That’s nice dear

I googled your Steam display name with a few selective keywords. It took mere seconds. I don’t know your real name and I don’t care to find out because the point wasn’t to stalk you and reveal personal information, it’s to dig up evidence that pokes holes in your image of innocence. You used the same username on multiple cheat forums. If you don’t even try to hide your tracks, don’t be surprised when people find them easily. :v:

Posting peoples’ personal info on fp is pretty much an instant permaban with no second chances ever.

I did not say RoK bans transfers to Rust ban
I am saying they BOTH run EAC
which means; if I -CHEATED- on RoK, then I would have a game ban on my steam profile already prior to the one I have now.

anyways thanks for replying to this post but Id rather have a developer give me statement and their decision.

Also, it might have been better for you to have gone straight to EAC to dispute your ban. Yes, EAC personnel do view these boards, but the regulars of the board are usually less than tolerant of “I got banned and I didn’t do anything/haven’t played in time amount” type threads.

This is because usually the guilty try a last ditch effort of trying to convince someone on the Facepunch team of their innocence by posting here. They know EAC will find them guilty, so they come here thinking they can convince someone from the dev team(even though they have no say in anti cheat bans) to unban them.

This is one of the reply I was looking for, thanks for directing me to this. I did not know where else to go but as facepunch hosts the official servers, I thought it’d be a help here, but I just got a stalker on me

You quoted this in your post, man. Come on. At least try and read what I’m saying even if you don’t like hearing what I’m saying.

You have nothing to fear from me, dude. :v:

I literally don’t care about anything about you except for the contents of this thread.

If you are telling the truth and you were falsely banned, I will personally give you a public apology for doubting you and digging up your cheating history in public. I wish I could give you the detection info myself to speed this all up, but as I said I don’t have access to the ban database.

Despite the reputation he has, Elix isn’t a stalker. He is usually one of the first responders to these kind of threads. Due to the fact of the matter that he usually tells it like it is rather than sugar coating things regarding bans, he has gotten somewhat of a negative rep.

Considering how many of these thread I’VE responded to lately, probably a matter of time before I have a bad rep. And if so, so be it.

Thanks for the link bud.