Rust game freeze for few seconds. Need help!

Screen freeze happens at 0.11, 0.32, 0.54, and 1.15

4 constant freezes every 1 min.

I bought the game in early October. First day I played it ran smoothly. Second day I played, this has been constantly happening.

I was hoping that the move to steam would fix this problem before I brought it up but it did not.
I’ve tried messing with the in-game options and some nvidea control panel options outside but nothing helps.
Everything runs smoothly for me, no lag, no weird graph glitches, nothing…except this.

If anyone knows the source of the problem I need your help! Thanks.

Here are my computer spec’s.

Graphics card is Geforce GT 650M

Did you try different servers? Re-installing? Or making a ticket here - ?

Yes every server this happens.
This happened on the webplayer and on steam. Re-installing does nothing. Same problem occurs.

I haven’t submitted a ticket yet as I feel there’s an easy fix for this I’m just overlooking.
If no one knows I will submit a ticket as it seems I am the only one with this problem.

Weird. It might be a driver issue too. Do you have the most recent ones?


Still need help!

bump! I’m having this same problem…had the game for weeks now and NEVER lagged…after coming home from Thanksgiving break my game will run as normal but every 10-30 seconds it will freeze up for anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds…basically leaves the game unplayable! Any help?

check m y thread there is a solution for freeze randomly

This is really weird. I have a friend with a 650m and the exact same kind of specs… He isn’t getting any problems on the game, but it’s been a while since he has played. I’m going to ask him if this problem has appeared. If he has it too, we will take a look into it.

Edit: Good news! I found a thread the has resolutions to something along this description. See if this works!

Do you use any Razer usb products? I have learned that the use of Razer tech like my mouse for example cause power surges in the usb ports if you have enough stuff plugged in which causes them to turn off and on again as well as freezing up your games. It happens to me all the time when i have a lot of high power usb stuff plugged in like my blue yeti and all the other stuff.