Rust Game Freezing/Crashing (unplayable) GTX 690

This is the first time I ever play Rust with the game looking different like in the devblogs. Interesting enough, I also upgraded from a GTX 780 to GTX 690 recently and all my other games run fine. The issue I’m getting is everytime I join a Rust server my whole computer freezes up and I can’t play. I have to task manager close the game at this point. I tried verifying cache files on steam. I tried reinstalling the game. I do have the latest NVIDIA Drivers which is version 344.11. I’m pretty much stuck at this point and require your assistance on getting my game to run. Any help would be appreciated assuming you know what you are talking about, thanks!

System specs

i7 4770k 3.5 GHz
8 GB Corsair Vengeance
1 TB WD Hard Drive
Gigabyte Z87N-Wifi mobo

Windows 7 64-bit SP1

Update: I just tried playing in Windowed Mode and that works. Why does it only give me problems in Full Screen?

Happens to me on an i5 3570k with a 560 Ti, 8GB of physical memory. Outside of the locking up, the game runs smooth framerate wise. I’m yet to ctd though.

It’s weird. I can play fine on Windowed Mode but not Full Screen.

I haven’t tried windowed mode yet.

Try it and let me know if it works for you. Maybe we have the exact same issue that somebody can toss us a solution for.

I went to try it, but I can’t seem to connect to a server at the moment.

Any solution?

Same here,
Gigabyte GTX 770
i7 - 2600k
10 RAM
Rust installed on Samsung 840 EVO (just for loading times, not that it matters with fps.)

Fps is not stable, getting 30-40 with a lot of sudden drops, cpu use is high as hell.
nothing seem to help if I reduce it expect for the water reflection a little bit.
I’m playing on windowed (I heard that when you alt+tab on fullscreen it lowers your clock speeds) + high performance forced in nvidia control panel, dunno what is the problem.

Can we get some support with this issue, anybody?

Yup. It’s the same for me too. Terrible FPS on fullscreen, cannot even move. But on windowed mode I can at least move for like 5-10 seconds and respawn but then every 5 seconds or so I get a lag spike. Old rust worked fine.

I heard that when you Alt+tab while on fullscreen all your gpu clock speeds go down, check this out:

Even if I don’t alt tab, my game is messed up in full screen.


You say it’s playable in windowed mode, but what is the frame rate? High?
What pre-launch settings do you have? Have you tried at lower resolutions?

No in fact the frame rates are below 60 fps which is retarded with a GTX 690. Low or highest settings makes not much difference, from what I saw last time.

I wasn’t talking about the graphic’s quality level. I was asking you what resolution have you used? such as using lower resolutions? Might be a reason why full screen doesn’t work.

It’s weird. I bought an SSD for the sake of booting my PC up quicker. Coincidentally, I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 on it AND Rust. I can now play in Full screen (joined a community server instead of official, doubt that made the difference though). Although, my FPS in low or high settings don’t differ much, they stick around 30~ fps which is SHIT for my specs.


This game still runs below 60 fps on my computer.