Rust Game Menu Lag

Is anyone else having problems with the Rust game menu? I’m running the game on fastest and I’m still encountering lag in the game menu. I don’t know if it deals with the dynamic background or what, but when clicking on options and community buttons it lags. Then to join a game I have to spam click the server I want to connect to. The game runs perfectly though, I haven’t encountered much lag in-game at all so that’s good. I’m not annoyed about this at all, but I would love to see a revamping of the menu over time.

It isn’t just you. The menu has some pretty bad delay.

Im having this problem aswell on a Mac. I am unable to join games even if I spam click. The game menu pops up (extremely Laggy) I press Play Game, Servers pop up, Still laggy. I mouse over the servers and it highlights it, but whatever I do I can just not join.

Yeah I have had this issue and sometimes it has stopped some of the servers from displaying which then leads to me spamming refresh which is also still buggy. It’s all a work in progress so it should become more stable in the future.

Yeah, it reminds me of the early days of Gmod where the game would hang when trying to join some servers. I’m just hoping that Garry and gang puts this near the top of their fix list.

Yea, it’s a pretty annoying problem. I’ve been told lowering render quality will fix it, never tried as I couldn’t see how that could help.