Rust Game

Any one want to PM me with a rust beta key?

The game seems pretty cool and ill be more than happy to help test, point out bugs, give feedback and whatnot

Really want a beta invitation for this game

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/stop begging for keys" - postal))

I believe they stop giving out alpha keys, so like you, me, and the rest of the people wanting to try out Rust you’re going to have to wait.

That’s disappointing, there’s only 42 people on too.

Yeah, the player-base seems to be dropping. Garry should open it for a bit Nudge nudge.

Fingers crossed. I’d like to have at least one go at it.

Once your in are you in for until the beta ends? or do you eventually get booted out?

Yet another post basically saying “give me a key”.

Please stop. I am aware that there isn’t really any kind of post or warning saying “do not ask for keys”. However, it’s still a general rule that you shouldn’t ask for keys now that the alpha is in closed status again. This kind of thread is pointless at the moment, so please refrain from posting key threads in the foreseeable future.

Well I’m sure its not dropping, most likely the absent players are doing something else… probably sleeping or doing something life related.

…but Hey! if more keys are chosen to be given, my inbox is always open.

This isn’t a peak hour so less players and I think most players are sleeping.

Same, do they still post keys on that original thread from
like January?

I just learned about this game and was hoping for a chance to test it - so if anyone has a spare key…

Again, they handing out keys so everyone is just going to have to wait (as I stated waaaay above there)

I know this because I read the forums.

Since me and Turbo are the most veteran posters here, heed our advice, and please stop begging for keys… there are far more patient people on these forums than you, so why would YOU get a key over someone that doesn’t make a hindrance of them self?
so just quit it.
begging is for dogs.

The player base is fine as it is for testing.