RUST Gaming Clan/Group | Brothers In Arms™ | Sydney, Australia

I’ve created a Gaming Clan/Group on steam very recently and I’m trying to get members to join. We play different online games together, but we mainly play on RUST. Anyone within the age limit of 14 - 20 is allowed to join. Also must live within Australia.

Few basics that you MUST know if you want to join.

  1. You MUST be able to know the basics about RUST (Crafting, Weapons, Warfare, Construction)
  2. Must be active
  3. Age 14-20 ONLY
  4. Skype is optional since we will be using Skype ALWAYS to communicate with the clan.

If you are interested and keen to join, please click the link below which will link you straight to the group were you can join.

The Official Clans name is:
Brothers In Arms™
The Official Clan Tag:
B I A™

Link to group: