You can now turn your gamma up and see the hole map as if it was day time ,
Rust had once a night time where it was PITCH black , and turning up gamma didnt work ,
but they removed that , and now you can see into night with your gamma up …

please change it back where it was Pitch black ,

U could already change your gamma before…atleast with my nvidia card i could just use nvidia settings and change it since day 1. i would welcome a change to stop people from ever using gamma. Card settings and all. If thats possible

Well Captain kinda Late but yeah youre right it was always an Problem in rust and to be honest i dont think were gonna See and Solution from dev sight soon, If night comes stay at home or Use gamma.
Im sure most of the People use it.

I don’t gamma and neither should you. The trick is to just not do it.

Yeah that’s right, you’re pretty much even with someone who uses it anyway…right?

If it CAN be done, your enemy is already doing it. Don’t be a cheap ass casualty. You literally invented your notion of “morality” from cartoons and half formed opinions when you were too young and too dumb to know how young and dumb you were.

If everyone else uses it why not use it too? Then they won’t have any advantage over you…

If they could implement a way for gamma adjusting not to affect the game but still keep nightaäs as they currently are… That would be nice. It’s so frustrating to run around a field, going for those precious ores, when you suddenly notice a silhuette of another player against the sky. You crouch, and slowly peak behind a rock you were about to mine, and you hear a shot. You’re dead. That person has just spotted basically non-moving object behind a rock while lining up his Bolt Action Rifle sights exactly in the right spot for that sweet headshot.

I rarely go out during the nights anyways, but once I do, groups are roaming the world and taking advantage of being able to see in the dark while others don’t.

Once again, you use it too, they don’t have that advantage anymore.

let them have an advantage over me. i’ll enjoy it all the more when i own them without having to stoop to gamma abuse.

I think it’s wicked lame. It literally makes night irrelevant.

But you can at least agree it’s lame and they should attempt to prevent it.

Yes I do agree to that

Man that moon in the video looks exactly like the sun.

Type this in the Rust console.
Press F1
Type graphics.shadowdistance 0 (Default is 100)
It increased my FPS andI notice on my computer the gamma gets turned on and night looks like day. It does not make it day for everyone some reason. But yeah enjoy.
It turns the shadow off in-game.