So I’m not sure if anyone else has been having this problem but it’s been preventing me from playing Rust. Basically, anytime I try to launch the game, the Unity Player ends up crashing giving me this error:

Anyone have any idea of what’s going on?

It can’t be normal to loose 10- hunger every second, it’s ridiculous.

Just wondering if anyone knows where the music in the game is from?
I really enjoy it and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it before.

Atrium Carceri

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By the way, you guys like the new pickaxe? :slight_smile:

Thankyou very much!

Have yet to find one, should i be hunting zombies?

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So I’ve just scanned through what I think is every one of his tracks trying to find this particular piece.
It’s kind of going the way of “needle in a haystack”.

The particular track I’m looking for reminds me of minecraft for some reason. It’s quite soothing compared to the other darker songs in game. There is a few effects now and then, kind of like animal noises or something and now and then a womans voice will sing over it. It’s mostly just a simple piano melody as well.

I’m losing my mind trying to find this song haha.

These are the song titles

YES!! YES!! This is wondaval we need even more weapons!
EXPLOSIONS! CHAINSAWS! MINES! oh we should at the ability to make traps with string(wire), wood (lever/mechanism), and a gun for the weapon or even a melee weapon that can be used for a warning that someone is outside or inside or for killing. It would be fun but probably a lot of lag and nobody could invade a house without getting their brains blown all over the floor but yeah. I hope that we can get voice chat too in the near future with channels and maybe private channels that players could buy for maybe a dollar or two. Also why don’t you add sharks with lazer guns on their forehead.(Austin Power’s reference) But yeah it would be cool to see some more buildings in Beta when that comes out and maybe some cities or also randomly generated structures/ruins of what appears old outpost by some other survivors. But anyways I’m going to end this here and if you want to talk about it with me message me. I’m thinking about what coul be added to the game and maybe hopefully they do.

What’s the new pickaxe do? Gather metals quicker or is it just another weapon?

Ah it was the ending of “First Steps”.

Thanks again!

How do you acquire one,I mean,I went to radiated towns searching for one,also tried killing zombies…nothing…do you spawn with it?


I suddenly have 3 pickaxes


What is next xD A chainsaw?

I have a pretty weird problem. After a long session last night I got a house built up. So when I spawned in today, I spawned inside my house. Problem was, the doors don’t belong to me anymore and someone else is living inside there and has control of the doors etc.

So did my house get wiped and someone just happened to build another house ontop of it? Or what?

Really love this new pickaxe :v: great job Max. Makes me feel much more manly when I use it.

What is the benefit to using a pickaxe, though?

The pickaxe looks nice man.

Basically, you hit harder. You collect resources twice as fast (or faster) using it.

Ah, thanks, I suspected as much what with it hitting slower.

Would be nice that there are more than just one sound each hit. And that randomized. Keeps farming wood fun :smiley: Or mining.