Yeah, that makes sense actually. Hadn’t thought about that, thanks.

[SUB][SUB]Also, apparently someone named Draghosta does not like me. Alrighty then.[/SUB][/SUB]

Nope, Pat or other Dev was putting it sometimes to the game, just for fun :slight_smile:
Wonder if you could go Carmageddon :v:

LOL 39 guests damn…

I found a car once, but I couldn’t do anything with it. I think they said you need to find a car key from a loot spawn.

I wonder if there would be a way to keep it after you could get it? Maybe build a garage or something lol.

Yeah hopefully they’ll add more cars because it would be so fun to build garages and hangars and stuff. Maybe even a race track.

Are they just sitting around the map? Only seen a picture of a car (from Garry I think)

Also, nice idea for a thread. Much better than posting in these pretty random topics for discussion.

It just feels like a crap load of people looking at this might think “I WANT A KEY SO I CAN PLAY RUST FOREVER!!” it just feels like total crap that lots of people want a key even though the game is in closed alpha.

Do you think being able to lay down roads would be a bad idea? Probably, but im sure the devs will get round to it soon.

I think it was a glitch honestly. I don’t remember completely but I think it was a ghost like some of the dead players where you could just walk through it. Thanks. I think I’m going to add more info to the OP when Rust comes online again so I’m not adding old info.

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That won’t happen cause people would just make giant penises out of roads. And you know it.

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MaxOfS2D changed the title. Party pooper.

What was the title before?


“Rust General Chat II - Free Beta Keys Inside”

It said “HEY BEGGARS CHECK THIS SHIT OUT”… more or less.

I have never actually seen a car in-game :stuck_out_tongue: Is there a video of one somewhere?

You obviously don’t know how thread title sarcasm works on Facepunch.

Not sure about video though.

Get the car and run over everybody >:)

License plate says it all.

I know it’s far away, but for the current players I assume we still pay full price for the game if and when it is able to be purchased? There are simply too many players to give the game free to them, but a discounted price would be nice.

This game is going to change a lot if it follows consistent development.