I wouldn’t mind paying full price personally. The game is great even with the bugs that are still in it.

Yeah, and can only get better. I think it’s going to be an amazing experience once it’s complete.

It better be charged full price. The less griefers the better.

Thanks for all the info, also about that car I never seen that before. Did someone get it running or is it just something out there in the wild?

I don’t think the cars ever spawned naturally, I bet the admins spawned them in.

I see… I know its too early to start calling out details but maybe in future builds the car is replaced by something more fitting of the
current theme… maybe an old rusted truck or some sort of construction machinery.

This game becomes more and more interesting with each day.


I think it would be cool if that sports car couldn’t be crafted and had to be found from a very rare spawn, and you could craft cars that might not look as cool from supplies you find around.

I should break out all of my old machinery and metal sound samples and do a fan song for this game just for the hell of it… just as soon as I get a new PC.

Yeah, I like the idea of finding an abandoned car and needing to put fuel in it.

But then comes in the fuel mechanic. Doesn’t seem like something that would be easily obtainable.

Finding a car should be absurdly difficult. Traversing the map with easy and safety would be a bandit’s best friend.

Deterring bandits from using vehicles would be the lights, noise level, and possibility to give away their location and other locations. Bandits will also have a pretty difficult time robbing people of fuel, as people who carry fuel with them might just throw it away because they have no car unless fuel could be used for a potential weapon of some sort.

Wood gas generator

Don’t forget the potential economy, it could be a useful thing to barter.

We’re still working on the update, we had some technical issues that we had to overcome which will result in us being able to deploy builds more rapidly. Stay tuned, we’re pretty close now

Totally. Cars have to be the upmost rarest thing to put together and get it working. Also while were discussing vehicles… did anyone say DOOMBUGGY!?


The more we speculate and talk about the game the more I want to play it.

I doubt it will go like that.

I still remember, back when it was announced that Gmod would go for sale, everyone thought that one of the good things would be less kids and griefers.

The result was quite the opposite.

Sweet! But for now I’ll just watch other people’s videos since I can’t play. I’ll keep my eyes open though!

Can’t wait. I don’t envy you putting in all those hours of work, fair plays- and dont get burned out :slight_smile:

Thank you for updating us. However there were probably more than “some issues”. Either that or Pat went in to coma or something.