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Since I don’t see any thread to post small game chat in, it might be a nice idea to have somewhere to do that. I’m usually against megathreads, but it’s a good idea not to spam this forum up with minor chat threads especially at such an early stage in development when most threads will be important bug reports

So anyway, anything interesting happen to you? Any tips? When I first joined, I ran around and got chased by zombies for a while. It was good until I ran out of ammo. Luckily I bumped into Helk and his crew who saved my ass. Later I ended up finding this:

Anyone put all those there or was I just lucky (or was this a bug?)

I have yet to run into a chest like that, would be nice!

Edit: Oh now I see why, someone unloaded stuff they couldn’t drop.

I’m sure someone placed those there to get rid of them haha, very soon we’ll add dropping so that won’t happen anymore :slight_smile:

I had lots of fun climbing buildings and stuff for a while before posting a bug report about it.

I've thrown recycles into a box before, though mine was on top of some building in the one town. I do enjoy how the zombies die.[/thumb]
I’d also decided to organize my inventory while nobody was on.

I like Rust. I snagged a key and I was surprised by how good it looked on the highest setting for a unity browser game.

I think the fact it’s a browser game makes it so much more attractive. I just feel like I can go to it and piss about for 20 minutes or whatever for a break from working, and it doesn’t feel like I have to wait for a game to load or whatever. And the graphics are great for a browser game, yeah

I agree, I’ve been playing it for a couple of days at home and at work, it’s quite handy being inside the browser, and pretty fun when there are other people on, even at the stage it is now.

I’ve never really liked browser games for some reason, always preferred standalone clients. The game seems to run great in the browser though so I don’t see many reasons for it not to be a browser game.

Is the server down right now or something? I get the “unhandled” error and none of the commits show on the index page

I was able to connect, Trumple.

Oh strange. I re-logged and it worked!

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Gotta catch 'em all

Whenever you get that popup window after loading has finished it means some how you got logged out. I’ll check what could cause that

Ah ok, thanks. The nav bar says I’m logged in and the commit updates don’t show when it does happen, if that’s any help

I detailed the issue Here. I think its when your IP changes the game server wont let you use a session ID matched with a different IP so it denies connection. If this is true a simple fix would be when the error happens the game server should just generate a new session ID for the new IP. Or you could just log the person out of the web front end when the error occurs.

There were a lot of people online today

I killed a lot of people today before we all formed an alliance.

You got killed alot too.

Lost connection just now, I have stuff to do anyway
Cani our feud is not yet over, one day this will be settled
also there should be 1000% more beans in the game

sry but not