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you looked at me funny, sorry.

Garry, You might want to rename ‘Rust’ to: ‘Hamidinator Hunt’. :v:

Wow this is so fun

The only problem I had with the game so far is that zombies don’t feel like a threat, but maybe I was just being lucky

Hamidinator is out of 9mm ammo though.

flare party.

Played it, and it’s a real fun game. I feel as if it’ll have more potential than War Z when it’s fully complete.

So yeah. I kinda started a cult called the Order of the Holy Red Flare.

(I’m Sanguis Eques)

Not anymore! I now have close to 2000 bullets so beware children!

is there any way to destroy items?
i’ve got a lot of junk, but i don’t want to put it in a box cause then it won’t get new loot

they said they were adding dropping soon.

Yeah Ill do dropping on monday it’s obviously needed, sorry about that, in the meantime I’m looking at our world extents and how to make a larger level. We don’t really want to populate the current one as it’s sort of throwaway as far as terrain layout goes

As you may have noticed the terrain looks really, really poor at distance, so I’ve taken a bit of time to see how I can improve a large terrain at distances through shaders, here’s what I’ve done so far

I’m mainly focusing on the rock element of the terrain, but you can see in the distance is what the ‘old’ terrain shader looks like, and up front is the new one.

Ignore the crappy looking ground aside from the rocks I haven’t bothered with that yet


I really like Rust but I think that you should lose your entire inventory (Maybe with an exception of gun parts and blueprints) when you die
At the moment it’s more like a deathmatch game with zombies in the background

I haven’t been killed yet
I have ran into plenty of well-armed people, and turning your flashlight on and off quickly seems to be a good enough indication that you mean no harm.

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Did the order of the holy red flare exist before I called it that in the seaside town?

Yeah because there really is no motivation to do so, you don’t get most of the loot

I’m not sure about all your inventory, but at least more. Right now there is no reason to be worried of dying.

Why would you want to lose even more? That brings the whole game out of balance.

My feeling is that you should lose everything. That would encourage you to store valuable items in a box somewhere, and only take out what you need to carry with you.

I know helk has contrary feeling about this - but we’re committed to trying stuff out before dismissing it.

That would make it extremely frustrating with people such as Hamidinator around.

I think that you should lose everything when you die, but have some way of keeping your more valuable stuff safe than just putting it in a box and hoping nobody comes across it, even if you put the box in a really hard to find place.

Maybe let players put a lock or something on it, and require a key or combination. And then have them drop along with your other stuff when you get killed, so you would drop your key, or a piece of paper with your combo on it for somebody else to find and break into your stash. However in a more “realistic” approach, whats to stop people from shooting or cutting the lock off if they find it?