Rust General Chat

After reading the stickies, I assume there are no rules against chat threads in this subforum, so I’ll post one. Basically, talk about anything Rust, especially interesting occurrences that have happened for you while playing.

I killed a guy looting my quarries, and upon his death, he attempts to reveal the location of my base to get back at me. Turns out he wasn’t very descriptive!

I… “Borrowed” my neighbors quarry and oilpump, just enough to get a stone wall around my own quarry and oilpump and to get both running fulltime. I’m not sure if he yet knows, who took all of his stuff. :3

I haven’t walled up my jacks and quarries. When I’m on, I keep a close eye on them, and when I get off I empty them.

I accidentally got stuck in this guy’s base and he kept on playing creepy ass music to scare me.

didnt mean to post just now