Rust - Ghost Admin

My server got advertised and hit a peak of around 27-30 players, so I decided to have some fun. I tossed on some Invisible Armor, ported around, and started making people think the zombies, animals, and resources were talking to them. As well as turning their fires on and off. Was a lot of fun, and I got to meet and greet my server. Also, sorry about the mic issues. I actually forgot to use my regular mic and if my headset hadn’t recorded it I’d have lost all the footage. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

To be hosnest it wasnt very interesting

yeah im not seeing anything interesting about this , you expect us to laugh yet i was the complete opposite

This sounds more like ‘Look, we can entertain our server without falling back on shooting everything in the head’ to me. I approve.

Thanks, Bine and yea. I made my server to help new people learn how to play and get used to the game without people blowing their heads off as soon as they spawned. Tried this out with someone killing a deer and it went great so I did it for the day. It’s a lot of fun when people don’t scream that you’re a hacker about to kill them. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the other two, I can’t make you enjoy it lol. If it’s not you’re thing, it’s not your thing, but thank you for watching.

My favorite thing to do as an admin is go invisible armor except for the head (you’ll just appear to be a floating head) and come sprinting, screeching at people when it’s dark. You get some good reactions.

You need to get Rusty. It makes teleporting so much easier. Also be careful with this. Some people take it personal and act like it’s a real life privacy invasion and might leave your server.

I might have to try that.

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What’s Rusty, and yea I’ve been really lucky with the group that’s stuck around on my server. People are super fast to flip out but they’re all good people. Had a few guys jump off the server today because I came to aid a friend. Said we were hacking cuz we beat him and his buddies. I do admit I /killed him for being an ass in chat and breaking the rules of the server once, but they were aware I was the owner/admin so. Not a fan of racial slurs, and obscenities every other second. I swear a lot, but damn they were upset.

Interesting thumb nail

I foudn it fucking hilarious. I’m a solo player that hasn’t been playing this last week really, what’s your IP?! XD I’d help admin, it’d get me to come around a lot more, I enjoy speccing/watching people and don’t abuse. Something about banning a hacker and getting a rage msg just tingles mr bawlsakz.

Thanks, I try. It was that or literally a dude in a sheet. Figured that was easier on the eyes.

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Glad you enjoyed it, and I’m not looking for new admins just yet, but I might be opening apps sometime in the future.