Rust giveaway on this server

changing the contest from Gmod server to Best Drawing
Because people are saying Im trying to promote the server and there are alot of people joining being anoying Thank you.

(User was banned for this post ("dumb" - garry))

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of banned users" - postal))

ok i’m first

OK I too am agreement

Me too.

20 people on yetz?


he be trolling :0

No… if you look at his recent posts he’s asking people to help him put up the server.

What is it ?

You should just make a contest like “who can make the best story about rust backstory or 5 good reasons why you want the key”

You people can’t be serious. The report button exists for this reason.

Why would he agree to getting reported? :suicide:

Probably fake keys, just sayin’

Fake key. He told me to give him 40k IG and I did, and he gave me a fake key and then logged off. Very HORRIBLE server owner, and this thread is fake to promote his server.

You are promoting your server and people join it and troll because you are advertising and therefore pissing everyone off.

Lol there will be someone commenting shortly saying its fake I told this guy ingame that i changed the contests due to the reasons stated above and he constantly kept nagging so i gave him a fake set of numbers like 000-000-000 He will soon find out what i gave him isnt real Persons name is Sants

You are a terrible owner and this is a scam. There is no way you could of gotten a key, you have 27 posts, you are thirteen, and you don’t have a gold account.

Wow holy shit, how didn’t you see that coming?

I have a key. (But I’m not 13)

I downloaded the game in the hopes of it being true. However, do not bother joining. Just a waste of time.

I PMed you something :slight_smile: