Rust giving false VAC bans.

I have talked to other players that have had the same problem and that I know 100% did not cheat. Anyways this is my story.

I got the game rust for $20 on steam, I played for a few hours on a singapore official server. I did not play the game for a while but once I found time again I played for one week. I played on the official North America 1 server. It was full of hackers. There were people flying around and of course people that aimbot. One specific hacker would aimbot an entire area and everyone would be spawnkilled for a few minutes. I reported these players of course. I never once cheated and plenty of players can vouch for this. I did not even bother with fighting or raids. I just enjoyed creating buildings. The one day I spent until late at night, I finally unlocked everything to craft. I built a metal house. I went to bed and the next day I try to play and learn that I have been VAC banned. Clearly I am very dissapointed. I then thought that it could have been this one hacker that had some grudge against me from the start so I decided to contact steam support and had no help. To paraphrase they said: VAC is perfect because we are perfect and it doesn’t matter if you cheated or not because we said that you cheated. Now if you continue to contact us it will get worse for you. Well I am a computer science student and one thing that we learned on day 1 was that, no program is NEVER perfect. I do not know if it was Steam’s VAC, the game Rust itself, or something wrong with my computer but I had no advantage in the game and did not do anything to cheat. So why am I banned. When asking steam they refused to let out “Confedential Information”, if the info is about me then I am pretty sure that I should be allowed to know. It is not like I am asking about another players ban. For the best hope of actually fixing the bug instead of being arrogant, it would be best to try to find out what actually sets off this VAC falsely instead of claiming that it is perfect. They then told me to simply make a new account because they are so against players that ban. Which when I think about it (1) encouraging me to make a new account defeats the purpose of a ban (2) This sounds like a moneygrab (3) If they seriously thought I cheated then why would they simply say give us $20 and you can come back. (4) What is different between spending $20 on my account vs making a new account and spending $20 from steams point of view. They would just have more user accounts (5) Why should I need to pay to play it again whether I cheated or not. If I cheated I should be gone but if not then I should be playing. There is no reason to buy the same game again.

In the end I am dissapointed in Steam’s support team, it so far has been one of the worst for me to deal with. I do not know if anyone here has any recomendations or the power to do something but it would be appreciated. I am just hoping that I have a better experience from facepunch.

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No story or excuse will ever save you. VAC doesn’t lie, you scumbag cheater. You obviously did something to alter your game files. No third-party could ever possibly VAC ban you.

You cheated, you suck, go buy the game again, loser.

Valve Anti-Cheat.

Facepunch can’t help you.

You cheated.

VAC isn’t perfect, that’s absolutely true. But it’s good enough to know when someone is cheating and when you put in a support ticket with Steam an actual human being verifies it.

They don’t give you the “confidential information” because they don’t want people to know how or when they got caught… It’s just a part of the anti cheat. If they told everyone when and why they were banned then it would be easier to work around.

None of it matters though, because you cheated and got caught. Nice try though, sadly you won’t convince anyone here otherwise, not that anyone could do anything anyways.

It never ceases to amaze me how all these so called “false positives” seem to ONLY happen with Rust. If these so called “victims” are to be believed, VAC works fine with every game except Rust. It amazes me further that 6 or 7 months in and people STILL try to pass it off as a “VAC False Positive”.

I’m not even going to bother posting my vac info any more

how do you idiots not have this figure out by now?

I really wish people would stop saying this

Why should they stop saying this?

VAC works by checking altered files and altered states of memory. Even if it is not a ‘cheat’ that the person has hooked into their Game, they have altered something in some way, period.

VAC only kicks in the instance of bad memory to eliminate false positives. There have been a few events in the past, where there have been updates to games, that have had issues with the VAC system, but these are far and few between (we are talking a handful over more than a decade).

But VAC really doesn’t lie. Even if it gives you a false ban you just have to write to the steam support and the VAC team will check the logs (I wouldn’t even be wondered if VAC takes a screenshot as part of the ban log).

So where exactly do you think it’s lying?

Actually, one thing that can cause a VAC ban is being on a insecure internet connection. VAC checks game data and the data sent to the secure server you are connected to, it then verifies the data. If the data is different and shows signs of modification then it will ban you. This has proven to happen in the past and steam urges people to use their own networks instead of internet cafe’s because of these problems.

I… I’ve never heard of this.

shh… Just trying to give the cheaters some hope :wink:

Actually, there only has been one case of false positive by VAC, and it was on a CoD game (can’t remember which one)

That is not the only time, it’s the biggest fuckup on record.

Bottom line for everyone: False positives can happen. But if Steam Support checks it and says it’s valid, they’ve asked the VAC team to check on your ban, and the VAC team confirmed you were caught cheating. It’s not a false positive then.

I have yet to see proof of a single VAC ban on Rust being reversed. Not once. That tells me that anyone screaming about false positives is lying until proven otherwise by Steam Support. Like OP.