Rust Glitch: Copies

Hello, I am NeonPuffin and I have recently become addicted to rust.

While playing rust with a new acquaintance “Dark” we encountered the most insanely random glitch. We were just walking around finding his base while we were in a valley loot hunting when suddenly Dark’s computer froze, his screen turned black as if it were refreshing from an alt tab and he spawned back in game in a location (forest) that we were at about 10 minutes before he glitched out. His original copy stayed in the valley for about 2 minutes before disappearing. We eventually caught up after discussing what happened and found his base, after about half an hour of looking around his base and building walls he froze again, this time something strange happened. Rather than spawning where we were a couple of minutes earlier he spawned back in the valley where he first glitched out. He had all of his old armor and everything but this is where the twist comes in.

He had two of him. I know this might sound a bit strange and hard to comprehend but there were literally two copies of Dark. Him, inside his house and him in the valley, both of the characters responded to keystrokes. As I directed his character around to my amazement it still acted like a normal in game person would, selecting inventory slots, dropping items and firing rounds of ammunition. For the next 10 minutes of him trying to get his old self back to his base his other character just walked around into walls due to the mimicking of both characters. When he came to about 10 metres away from his base his screen froze like it did back in the valley and he found himself inside of his normal body again as it was before the glitch occurred inside of his house. This “teleportation through time glitch” is a major “what the fuck” moment and really needs to be rectified.

It is a potential duplication glitch and is uncontrollable. I was quite amazed and in awe at this glitch. Thank you for reading.

You probably experienced that same thing that occurred in this video:

Hopefully devs figure it out and get it fixed

Notify me next time when it happens on my server neon.

Get your friend “Dark” to post his computer specs. It would help the devs a lot with his computer specs, because some bugs like this have to do with, cpu, memory, graphic cards, ect.