Rust Glitch Infinite Water in Water Bottles

I’ve read the rules. I hope this wont get me banned. I am new but I’m not here for ADVERTISING.

“If you’re advertising something of yours (websites, videos, servers, etc) shortly after registering or with a small post count, you’re probably going to get permabanned. We don’t want advertising gimmicks here, so if we think you’re mainly here to get views for your shit then we won’t keep you around.”

I’m here to point out a bug. I did record it and put it on my YouTube channel.

I’m new to this so don’t hate me please.

water bottles are NON STACKABLE

that only works on moded servers…
so its a bug introduced by a mod and not the default server…
nothing to do here buddy… go report it on that server forums.

Oh Thanks for the reply I thought i stumbled on a glitch