Rust goes like 10 fps without any kind of graphics Help¡¡¡¡¡

when i play rust it runs a 10 fps i don´t know why, because my computer is not bad
here i put my pc information:
Intel Core i7-4500U CPU@1.80 GHz 2.40GHz (4cpus)
12 GB of RAM
Windows 8.1 System 64bits processor ×64
GeForce 840M with 2gb dedicates
Hp pavilion 15 Notebook laptop
dts sound
DirectX 11

Turned it on and off?
Verified game files? (If you don’t know how, then look up)
Made sure you’re using your graphics card?
You’re settings aren’t maxed out, cause if they are, some of the settings are autistic and take way too much shit when the settings arent actually needed.
Try different resolutions.

It is not a PC. It is a Laptop/Notebook.
You should not expect to play games on it.

Are you certain Rust is using your GPU and not your CPU?

I think we have the same laptop and I get a nice 40fps with some graphics turned up! You just need to mess around a bit. Like the above posters said, the main thing is to check you are actually using your GPU, as Rust seems to like using CPU instead. You can google this or check your nvidia control panel and it’s in there.

There are a few other tips and tricks I found through searching which will help you above this. I guess “google it” isn’t great advice for my first post… but google it! We have almost identical machines and I went from 5 fps to 30-40fps with 30mins tweaking stuff.

It’s using the wrong bit of hardware, like Hellmuth states.

Google it.

1 year ago i played rust with medium graphics but now i can´t play with the lowest graphics i don´t know why, with the lowest it goes like 10fps with the new update

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i don´t know what i have done but it runs like at 30 fps medium graphics

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