Rust + GoodGamer?

Hey everybody!

I’ve been working on a gaming related charitable initiative for a while now and thought I’d share the idea here - I hope we can get Garry Newman on board, but I wasn’t able to reach him via email. Now I’m hoping he reads this forum :slight_smile: The project GoodGamercombines two ideas:

  1. Donate money to charity by buying items for your favorite games. We collaborate with 3D artists who donate between 25% and 100% of their share of an item’s revenue, and in return GoodGamer promotes their skins in the Steam workshop through our supporter network to increase the probability that they make it into the game CS:GO. It’s something like Humble Bundle for digital items. Since Rust was one of the first game to use the Steam item store and not just a CS:GO style item market, it would be fantastic to expand GoodGamer to Rust.

  1. Donating money is a little bit like playing a strategy game: if you pick a great charity, one dollar might do several orders of magnitude more good than if you pick a less effective charity. Moreover, like in a strategy game, you can put your resources in several different areas: are you more into direct help, or more into research? More into changing the current situation, or changing the far future? We encourage players to pick the cause area themselves, donating money to some of the most effective scientifically evaluated charities in their chosen area:

I’d be very interested in hearing people’s thought on the idea. If you feel that this is a worthwhile project you could support it by voting for our items in the Steam workshop, collaborate with us as a 3D artist (you can pm me if you’re interested), or put us in touch with others who might be interested. For example Garry :slight_smile: