Rust Graphics Setting

Request for Graphics setting,

  1. Vsync
  2. Fixing glitchy clothing, like boots, pants.
  3. Buildings in one of the radiation zone

and Other stuff

  1. Able to detach the attachment
  2. bandaging time , Like 3 second, instant bandage is pretty bad ( In my opinion)
    3.if you could, pistole silencer is blocking the scope. if you could bring down the silencer bit down, it would be nice.
  3. Adding access to door ( like your friends are trying to get in, but you are the only one with access. so if we could add this “Trust door” feature, it would be nice, also the combination lock would be cool too )

i think overall game is good.

What about keys ?

it takes a metal shard (or more) to make a key, that key has a unique id and can be used to lock a door.
Only people with a key with that unique id are able to open the locked doors.

Keys can be assigned to people and copy’s can be handed out.