Rust | Great Ideas And Mockups! | News (10th March)

Here’s another one of my Rust News videos! In this video I show and talk a bit about Stym’s ideas and mockups/prototypes. I also talk a bit about some items from the item editor.

I dedicate my entire YouTube channel to Rust. If you enjoy the video I upload regular videos covering all kinds of Rust news as well as Rust gameplays.

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Leave some constructive feedback, why you thought the video was bad or leave nothing at all and stop acting like a child.

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I am in no way “whoring out my channel for views”. I’m taking advantage of the fact that these forums allow for YouTube videos to be posted, therefore this little tag exists I posted a video on the forums and got good responses. Which is why I decided to keep posting them here. I have as a result gotten more good responses and feedback.

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