Rust: Gritty dark enviroment.

Hey, I have been playing rust legacy and new rust for quite a bit now, and these are my opinions and suggestions.
You are welcome to share your ideas to make the game better.

Procedural map & enviorment

Not such a fan of procedural map because it changes and need to re-learn the whole map. Much preffered a standard island that i got to know over time.
The enviorment looks good, but i hope it becomes more dark and gritty like in the stalker games. (

IMO there is way to much gear in this game and it’s becoming a puzzle to figure out which gear is the best.
I think it needs more structure like this.

Legacy had a sense of progression, what i mean by that is people farmed blueprints to get best weapons and gear and then they went to raid to stockpile there weapons.
experimental still has this ofcourse bit it feels easier to do this with so much gear.

Tier 1: Black hoodie,pants,shoes,ski mask
Tier 2: red hoodie,pants,shoes,ski mask (coverd with kevlar for example)
Tier 3: Riot suit (what is facepunch working on atm)
and then the jackets for the cold.

Also i’m not really a fan of the hazmat suit I expected it would be more darker kinda like this. (

It’s perfect.
(remove ladders please)


pvp in experimental feels clunky I dont know what it is but it does not feel right, the muzzle flash is way to big together with the smoke, the recoil needs work.
Bullet drop is the most annoying thing in this game. I understand there is bullet drop for the bolt, I like it on a bolt but not on a automatic rifle It still needs to be fun not everything needs to have bullet drop (facepunch please). I know there is high velocity ammo,
either set high velocity as standard ammo because that balances it out it has bullet drop but not to much bullet drop, that way it is still fun to shoot without doing mathematical calculations to hit you target.

Models need to be reworked a little bit the running animation is kinda weird and it’s really hard to shoot them feels laggy.


Bored from hitting barrels all the time to get blueprints,
maybe add some deformed humans as ai that you can kill that drop loot and blueprints will be more fun then hitting a boring barrel.
(legacy zombies,animals).

It would be cool on the island there would be underground nuclear shelters were players could go in to find loot and explore.

Weapon attachments

Please bring back the

Holo Sight

Ghillie suit
Ghillie suits would be pretty cool to add, as a craftable object where you need to farm materials to craft one.

Main city
Somewhere in the map there could be a destroyed city with abandoned cars and destroyed appartment buildings filled with ai to kill.