Rust GTA 5 Crew. (Moved to Rust forums for a reason.)

I recently made a GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) crew for Rust Players. Now, before you say that I should post this in the GTA megathread, I did, but people just thought it was hilarious that I would post that because apparently the Rust fanbase is “A bunch of immature kids.” So what I am saying is, I made this crew, filled with everything it can offer like the Rust logo, Rust crew colour and even custom names for every 10 ranks that you advance in the crew.

Before people post stuff like ‘this is a Rust forum its meant for stuff about rust!’ Well, this is about Rust. Anyway, I hope some people can join the crew and have fun on GTA together while not playing rust.

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - verynicelady))

this is so redundant though, they’re two totally different games

and you could do this with any game, it doesn’t make any sense, this is like “CSS players” as a WoW guild, what is the angle for this at all?

no its not at all about rust actually, that doesn’t even make any sense

nothing about this even makes any sense