Rust Guide, need some feedback


I did a Rust guide and I would like to get some feedback. Things which I could improve, include, etc.
Specially look to English grammar, too because English is not my native and my talking is far below average, only reading and writing is decent. It took me a lot of hours to look up most words and how to use.
I hope that I can get good feedback here and that this guide helps some others :smile:

Trick 3 and 4 no longer work due to 3rd person being disabled for normal players. Only Devs and Admins can now use 3rd person.

Yes, this why I write in guide the “Note:…” because they removed in newest patch.

Looks good, very complete, and on the most part the english was correct, or at least understandable…

You say “in the server” a lot in the Intro, we tend to say “on the server”, not “in” it.

Thank you.
I changed to “on the server” :slight_smile: