Rust hacker - chocolate

Here is a proof of a hacker there seems to be walking through doors, stealing everything, kills you and speedhacks away.
Name is “chocolate” without the ". Reported this over 24 hours ago, he is still going without getting banned.
Tried to go directly to the staff members, i guess that did’t work. Now please give this thread some attention so
we can get this asshole banned.

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky" - postal))
oh look if only you’d scrolled down a bit and went to the general thread for hackers and such.

Did’t know there was a general thread for this. Thanks man.

This is pretty important, Chocolate has been speedhacking around a lot recently and shooting through walls.

well qmgsaint died because of this “chocolate” he has aimbot

Chocolate always seems to kill me when I am not streaming, or recording. Except today, he killed 5+ minutes before this, and he usually goes away. So I started crafting, and he came back. Except this time he got greedy, and didn’t destroy my bed. Shows even with hacks, he still sucks. [video][/video]

This guy shot me through 3 fucking walls… and then the times ive shot at him he zips off into the distance. Why has he not been banned already?

Chocolate has been banned. Confirmed by Pat himself when he logged in

Well, you surely didn’t mind his hacker-gained loot. Kind of split morale