Rust Hackers

Just chilling around the rust battle field servers, i am SmileCure asking them questions
and supposedly there might be a unban tool? couldnt rex’s steam id but he said he makes the hacks so im guessing not much can be done there

servername is “[M]BattleFieldServer/starter/m4/kevlar/etc…”


Vac banned once

Cool… And now what?

i don’t get this post

The anti cheat engine will ban people automatic, reports doesnt matter.
It is only a question of time.

Vac will get him soon enough, a lot of people complain about Vac but it s good because it takes a long time . During the time they are under investigation which could be months they tell there friends he this works good. Next thing you know Vac catches up with them and it’s to late for his friends because now they are already in the middle of there own Vac investigation. So I know it sucks but soon enough they will be Vac banned and a Vac banned game can not be family shared from what I hear.