Rust Hard Crashes


Asus m5a97 LE rev 2.0
AMD Phenom II x6 @ 3.7 GHZ
ATI HD7950
12 Gigs generic RAM
SSD 256 GB/ 1 TB 7200RPM HDD
creative Z soundcard

All drivers updated, I’ll get into the game just fine, but after a variable amount of time (each time is different, could be 2 minutes, could be 2 hours) the game will start loading something and freeze for a sec, then the sound will loop into an audible spiral of weird noises before totally locking up and freezing my system. I have to manually reset the system from the reset button on my chassis.

I’m on windows 10, so and there is no error message from windows with a memory dump, just lock freeze have to manually reset.

If someone can tell me how to give you more info on this crash via error logs I will post that too.

BTW it isn’t my overclock as this is only happening with Rust and I’ve tested it at factory defaults, still have this problem.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

edit: this has been happening since last update. Helicopter update I think, I haven’t been able to play long enough to be able to see it.