Rust has been released in Aust,but not in Europe. Why is that?


One day ahead maybe.

Maybe in 6 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Fackkk :(,Wanna play so badly well gl to everone see ya guys in game :rock:

I’ll look forward to it, I advise you extensively read the wiki before joining so you aren’t as nooby as I was when I first joined, lol.

Same here, alot of stuff to know before you play

Wiki? Link bro :dance:

There you go, read up man it will help so much. Also people are generally nice so feel free to ask questions in game when you get in.

Nice job linking the old outdated wiki. This is the real one:

Its not released in Aus yet.
I just checked steam and its not there.

You want to play it badly? In another thread you were “selling” keys lol.