rust has now become unplayable for me

Rust the game has now officially become unplayable for me. I have been playing rust since close to the start. I took breaks here and there but now that it is on steam i have been having de sync problems. its would be like every hour i would have to re connect to stop the de sync. But now its un playable i cant open doors my friends cant see me move cant pull out my gun nothing. Its not the server or internet i have 60 down 5 up on a average day 80 down 7 up on a good. The server i get 90 ping on lag to hell. My friends play in the uk and they have higher ping then me and they run fine. my pc is a i7 and a 780 gtx 2 gb. I have the internet and the specs but still de sync all of a sudden. offical us server is what i play link results here?

Other than the server being a dick to your client the only reason I can thing if is your isp is a twat waffle, your router is a steaming pile of shit, somewhere on the particular route through the internet tubes is bad (I know the hope between the Chicago and Rochester one is particularly prone to latency issues), you nic could be having a seizure, the memory bandwidth of your mobo could be bad, you could be running something that needs a ton of io on a arm cavium processor, your hard drive could have accidentally derped and hurt it’s self, your ssd could have became too excited and broke some sectors, your could be experiencing some firmware bugs in your hard drives micro code that is exacerbated by the hardware on your mobo (hardware can have bugs you know), your kernel version could have problems with spinning locks, your process might implement hardware level sync on your l2 and l3 cache presenting problems to your kernel IO and interrupt handling which forces ever interrupt to go through core 0 of your process which inherently makes it a bottleneck. You might have an outdated driver for any one of the thousands of components in your computer. You may have overvolted or undervolted a component and blown out a circuit some where. The router / switch in your house could be going on break everyone and a while and saying “Fuck it, I am done with your shit packets” You ethernet cable may have only 4 working cables in it meaning you don’t have full duplex (it should have 8 so your computer can send and receive data at the same time). There may be something in your cpu fan causing it to reduce it’s clock speed because OH GOD WHY IS MY SILICONE BOILING. Also Blue Smoke == Bad time. You may want to heat gun your on board chips to you mobo to make sure all the connections are still good. Check every soder on your board by hand. You ram may be DESTROYED (you might actually want to check this happens a lot, download a Fedora 20 live cd and boot into it and do a memcheck) Your video card might have DESTROYED ram. There may have ben a solar storm and your house is in a particulary bad area of the planet where the magnetic field funnels EM radiation at the ground instead of repelling it. You could have a keylogger, you could be part of a botnet and the lag spike are actually you beating packets of useless data agains the firewall of a Chinese hacker sitting in his basement with an army or bit coin miners laughing at the traffic coming into his basement though his moms internet connection.(check here for a live update of your attack and many more other reason could be wrong. These are just some the issues that I have had to deal with in the last few days.