Rust has the ambition to be the greatest Survival game... BUT some litte improvments Requests ... AND !!!PvE!!

Hello Facepunsh, hello Garry, hi to all!!

I will write in english and german, cause I fear that I can’t discribe my “request” well enough in english.

I played Rust many hours and first you did a really really great job with this Game.
So now the reason I opened this Thread.
My friends and me beginn to lose the fun in this Game, because it starts being too easy and all the time the same.
After a few hours (max. 2) we got our base, the oven are burning, then we go hunting, radtown farming and max a few hours more we got our C4… Raid … down… what now? :slight_smile:
BUT you made a quite perfect foundation to make this game the best of all survival games.
This game has:

  • beautifull graphics
  • an easy and well understanding building principe
  • quite much content (sure e.g. 7d2d has much more but content can be added step by step and the huge amount of minerals in 7d2d, often isn’t an advantage)
  • a regularly updated dev blog (very nice!)
  • Use of a greate Engine ( Unity 5 is greate but thats only my subjectively opinion)
  • A very understanding GUI
  • … many more good things… :slight_smile:
    But this game also has a lack of:**
  • more building possibilities, triangular blocks, 45 degree edges and blocks, TRAPS!!! :wink:
  • Me as frontend user have the feeling you fokus on stuff like making the surrounding nicer, the animations smoother and more, AND fokusing on making Content like Cloth etc. (let the community do that work for you :wink: ) and surely Bugfixing which is important (you already did a greate job there!!), no question but i think the fokus to get a game you can play for thousands of hours is more important.

Therefore I wanna make the comparison to CS Go, I played a lots of hours. Yeah totally other game, but there is not much Content or anything else, but million of gamers play it cause they get CHALLENGED everyday (sure only in PvP, but here comes the different gametype to speech), in a survival game the Environment AND the other Players shall challenge you. Sooo —>

  • PvE i had to write it again !PvE!.. it is a Survival Game but there is no worry in surviving the only Enemy is an other Person…
    I overstate now a little bit,
    – but I had to eat and drink only once every ingame week after i got to 1000/1000
    – it is raining, it is cold? … who cares !? … I got a campfire!

    – AND THE MOST IMPORTANT I have no AI Enemy… I think of something like maneater Inhabitants, that would quite fit on this beautiful Island
    I am sure you can do that, you already have a AI for the animals… although Shooting, fighting, sneaking and running Inhabitants is more work on top.

  • Combined with the AI aspect / Environmental part is the integration of EVENTS (best randomly events). Many Server Admins of non offical Servers/modded Servers tried
    something like that… e.g. hunger Games Arena? or gathered attack of many Inhabitants? or or or I’d love thinking about more for you.

Summarized: I miss only two parts: PvE and a little bit more building possibilities!

I hope you can integrate that things and continuing your work in this great game!

Sincerely Chris

PS: I will reorder it and improve the writing later, till now i just wrote down what i was thinking! :wink: