Rust Haters Have a Small Point

Anyone who played Rust, didn’t like it, and called it gay subconsciously made a point that everyone is a guy in the game. There’s one gender. Is everyone cloned by aliens and beamed to random spots in the world? Or is everyone budding cavemen off of there fingertips?


Well I have to admit… It IS a pretty big sausage fest

Additional character and clothing customization options, including female characters, are planned.


Games not done. Many things to be added eventually.

Its an Alpha… Getting the game to work for a majority of players and for that matter getting a game period takes priority over choosing if you want to wear a blue or saints purple shirt or giving immature kids tits to stare at.

Yeah I know its alpha this is a joke lol

they said that they would add more character types sometime in the future

Sherlock is that you?

No shit…

TITS!!! FINALLY SOME NAKED GIRLS! :stuck_out_tongue: (guess we will find more girls than men later on hehe)

I’m gonna make a whore house.

perfect idea, thats why id like to craft a house which looks like a church, to make the whore wood church of the gods !

OP I think you might be a 12 year old

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I mean holy fuck who uses troll face as an avatar

If you’re seriously waiting with bated breath (huehueh) for tits to be added to a videogame, you need a serious reevaluation of principles.

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I mean, fuck:
All the tits you could possibly want and then some.

You may want to put a age disclamer on that link, im not sure if that is a ban-able thing or not.

I don’t know why but I clicked it without even reading the url. I’m at work. :frowning:

There’s a few threads in the Fast Threads section dedicated to posting porn.

implementation of women models = armor will not be used anymore

hover mouse over and it shows you + its obvious anyways

yeah except you know what you’re getting when you click it because it clearly says its porn

You know what you’re getting when you click a link to pornhub marked with “all the tits you could want”. Unless your contextual reasoning is roughly on par with a spoon, that is.