rust having some sort of player currency.

Hey guys, not sure if this was brought up before, but searching “rust currency” doesn’t have any valid results.

Basically I felt that needing something someone else wanted, for something you wanted, felt a little primitive. So I started to hatch an idea. What if rust had some sort of player currency, using something that would make a good currency?

But what has almost no use and takes time to collect?


Stones take time to collect, a near useless resource for anything (unless you’re just starting out or a fan of ineffective combat), and can be shared between groups, and something everyone can get their hands on.

Take gold for example: its something you get from bashing a rock, extremely ineffective for anything other then luxury (in a 3rd world place like rust of course(not to mention its not even luxurious)), and something everyone can identify.

I feel that if we used it for a currency, like agreed on a set value, and then use it as cash for the game. Like 1 stone is worth like 5 wood or metal fragments, and so forth.

Sure, this might cause some false trades, but those would have happened anyway.

Any ideas/reasons this would/wouldn’t work?

This can always work ; but it’s up to you to make it happen, not us :slight_smile:

Emergent gameplay!

Well, since its a zombie apocalypse the way it is now is fine to me, the Barter system ^.^. the thing about currency is it scares me thinking that their could be an auction house of some sort or shops using currency. Realistically metal can be used as currency since its one of the more valuable resources that can be used in many different things (guns, armor building). I don’t think there’s any need to add currency as in reality if it doesn’t actually do anything to help you survive then how is it valuable? Paper money would have no value in a zombie apocalypse. I like the barter system to because its thrilling planning a trade with another player and having them betray you in the trade or you betray them.

The fact it has no use makes it worthless. A currency has value, and holds it’s value, because people want it, not because several people say it’s worth something.

Exactly my point flame, now if only that applied in the real world :).

Right now I could see metal fragment being a kind of currency

I’ve already used it as currency, offered it for researches or in trade for wood or other resources (I find metal is one of best things to offer as it has so many uses)

I see your guy’s point…

I was thinking that something that wasn’t worth anything realistically would be effective because then people couldn’t just take the items afterwards and make something out of it.

When you are surviving with only the dick between your legs. I don’t think you give two shits about currency. You care about food / shelter. The currency in this game is your prosperity. Who’s rich? The ones with full metal houses 4 stories high and chest full of c4.

Currency would ruin the game. or be pointless

This. And I believe metal fragments are the most commonly used form of currency, with wood planks being second.

Exactly, who is richer then the ones who are still alive :v:

Paper dollars have no use, and only have value because of essentially an agreement that it has value.

Yeah a good example of that in gaming is look at D2 as opposed to D3 gold only has value in D3 as they assign it value with AH while in D2 it really is almost worthless so runes are used as currency.

Here’s an idea stolen from Metro: Last Light.

Ammunition. Make ammunition a currency. You can use it to trade, for survival. It has value BECAUSE it is valuable for survival. It’s easy to make, because everyone starts with the knowledge of gunpowder and 9mm ammo. As you graduate up from that, you can make shotgun shells and 5.56 ammunition. That’s what I’d say, because it’d make people think twice about wasting a bullet on some naked guy with a rock, while giving people a leg up on being able to trade.

But, much like someone said, a barter system makes more sense. Currency in a zombie apocalypse wouldn’t exist. You either serve a purpose and trade your service for things, or you trade your things for a thing of equal value based on the situation. With how dynamic your needs become in Rust, no item means the same thing to another person. Minus kevlar and M4s. We all want them, don’t deny it…

Ammo is easy to make once you have the resources. The resources have value because it takes time to collect them and they can be made into other things. Once you turn them into ammo, you actually decrease the value of the collected resources.

If ammo was harder to make (required a rare drop, for example), then it might be different.

No. If currency is implemented into the game, then there will be those people that will pay real world money for it, because they are too lazy to get it themselves. When people start doing that… it won’t be long before you see waves of chinese bot farmers washing into the game. And nobody wants that.

Whatever happens, NEVER implement any kind of currency.

The whole thing about Rust is the absence of ‘the system’.
The are no rules, there is no money, there is no police, it’s up to us to rebuild society.
Adding currency will completely counter this setting, if not ruin it.

On top of that, currency would literally be worth the same as toilet paper in a real apocalypse scenario.
You can’t eat it, you can’t use it, it’s not a tool and it won’t help you protect yourself.

There’s nothing stopping people from paying for everything else. It’d be dumb considering how easy come easy go things are and the potential of a wipe any time.

hi, in some servers, when I kill something, I see in a chat message, money. Can tell me, what the money for ?

Metal Fragments seem to be the closest thing to currency I’ve seen on Rust; I’ve seen quite a few people trade it for research, door codes, or raiding somebody.