Rust Headshot Montage

Lately I’ve been enjoying the pvp aspect of new rust being getting quite good.

Here’s a few clips from a vanilla server over a few wipes. Enjoy.

Why does the color look so colorful?

Wow, it’s beautiful.

Also is that 45 frames or 145?

I did some editing and color correction to make it look more vibrant and lively.

Thanks :smiley:

45 most of the time unfortunately, When I’m recording properly I turn my fps counter off but in all of these clips I was using shadowplay because it doesn’t drop my fps a bit.

I wanted to do 60 fps montage but the game isn’t optimized for my PC to handle or the server I’m playing on is struggling. so on lowest settings this is the best fps I get.

Thanks for the feedback mate :slight_smile:

I really love those colors. Oh man it’s so beautiful.

Also it’s okay about low frames, they’ll optimize it in the future for you.

I enjoyed the video.

Cheers :smiley:

I had to mute this video, I dont want my neighbours to think of me being …

Dank headshots m8. You should come on rustopia US, this is where the pros play.

I’m from Australia! I’ll lag so much! haha.