Rust hidden and cheap bases

Hi, guys. I just wanna share a few spots for bases with you. I’ve been using them and got raided just a few times (500+ hrs in Rust). Check map in the description.

Also check this one. You can go to 4:34 to see this base but the whole video is very helpful. Thanks to [Panjno]( for sharing.

Awesome… now all our great hiding spots are exposed! :suicide:

So it makes this game more challenging :slight_smile: First spot sucks, don’t build in there ever. Idk why i even included it.

I vouch for making this video Private or Unlisted, better yet… remove it! xD

As eFFeRR said, we’ve been exposed.

What’s the chance of you getting on server with someone who seen this video? It’ll help new players to play safe for some time.

So instead of giving everybody a fair chance you’d rather have a small number of people exploit these without the majority of players knowing about them? Isn’t that just cute

Hey Whood, thanks for sharing! Don’t mind these small-minded haters.

Good point. I’ve already found one nice spot. I can make a video about it or try to find a few more and do it then.

Well, everybody has a fair chance of going out and finding these locations themselves (of their own accord, without a video to show them) - it’s possible that he simply wishes to preserve the value of his own legwork in finding such locations himself, which is understandable.

More likely, of course, is that he learnt of such locations from friends or other players, and simply wishes to milk it for what he can - also understandable, though less defensible from a ‘fairness’ standpoint :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen first and second spots in videos, four others was discovered by myself. I wasn’t roaming map just to find this places, it just happened accidently. Anyway, it’s for me to decide to share or not to share.

I can’t wait to have procedural map generation… as most of the good hidding spot is already know by a lot of player.

When procedural will be there it will be fun again to explore and try to find a good spot to survive :slight_smile:

There is a proper sick base location right near small rad which is very hard to come across, (in rocks to left of small rad up the road next to automatically generated metal shack). Might link it later on in a map or something… depends how lazy I am :dance:

Is it the small area of grass that’s in-between the rocks? About enough space to fit a 4X1?

Used the same 2 spots across 300 hours and 5+ med-high pop servers without ever getting raided, so I’d die rather that give them up…

In-game at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Good locations, 2min from small rad, easy access to resources and rad animals.

This is useless crap, because of 2 reasons:

  1. Too far from farm spots, you must go back all the time with resourses and risking being killed on the way.

  2. If i will choose who to raid - i will first search all the mountains around for houses like that. Why? Lets take two people - one have big house in the middle of farming spot, 10x10. 5 floors. Other have this type of base. But! Both of them farming equal amount of resourses. But with the first guy i need to spend 300+ c4 on blowing all the rooms, and still can have no luck in finding resourse room, and with this hidden base - i know for sure that they keeping resourses in one of that few rooms, so i rather hit someone who is hard to find, but easy to blow.

You shouldn’t stay in places like this for long time. You have like one or two days to gather the resources needed and build a real tough base. I prefer to find/trade metal parts and build a house with ramps stacked on sides. Safest one, others can be blown with small amount of c4.

It’s a small gap you crouch under that you can only fit a 1x1 in - Map
Second one was already failed by someone. You’ll know how to build when you get in place :slight_smile:

I hope, that someone is still playing stable branch and not just waiting for new one :slight_smile:

The worst part about this video is you build a majority of these bases wrong. You don’t build they correctly to maximize the space and the last one you just completely ruin it buy making it obvious where the base is.

Surely the purpose of the video was to show the locations, not to show the most efficient way to build in said locations.