Rust Hidden/Secret Base Location Video

Just made a video showing a hidden/secret base location.

Planning on making a lot more of these.
I’d appreciate some constructive criticism. I know it’s not the best, it’s my first video and I’m always looking to improve.
And I also apologize for the brightness. After I rendered the video, it went extremely dark so I had to mess around with some settings.

Anyways, hope this helps you guys out if you don’t know about it yet, enjoy!

Like the location, looking forward to more videos :slight_smile:

Very nice video, and excellent location

really nice!

It was nice, now its gonna get nuked by everyone

I’m not sure, but I think unfinished houses decay extremely fast.

When you said “Secret Bases”, I thought you meant like a huge base far outside the map. That’s what I did and it was in the perfect location. Whoever finds it would get a ton of loot. You would have to travel at least 5-6 KM from the road.

It’s not really hidden and “secret” if you publish a video with them all :wink:

Thanks for the video, now my favorite secret spot isn’t secret anymore. :frowning:

No way would i have been telling people about that !!

Good way of killing spots people find… You really should keep this to yourself, not everyone wants places they find publicly announced, pretty much takes “secret” out of it…

The people liking it or wanting more are the ones who are going to find it and destroy it. I guarantee it! :smiley:

no more secret then…

Honestly, I don’t get why people post videos of this.
I mean, don’t get me wrong, It’s an informative video, but the video 100% contradicts it’s purpose.
Secret location.
NOOOOOOO. It’s not goddamn secret. Thanks to people that ruin people’s little hidey holes, it’s not secret. Many people will now go in that area looking for bases.
Although it was a good video, it’s useless.

Hidden location revealed - not hidden anymore :smiley:

haha I know where I am gonna build my base now :smiley:

Not here? Since everyone knows now.

There’s several places like that around the mountains about a month ago I joined a empty server and just explored.
One of them it’s pretty big near resources and zombies also you can add 2 to 3 doors if you place your foundations perfectly.
Plus if you build in a cave like that don’t place storage boxes where hackers can track your location.
Just build several furnaces and small staches to store your goods.

Me too haha :))

Good stuff - and let’s face it, of the thousands of thousands of people that play RUST, only a small percentage go on these forums. Thanks for sharing that spot OP! If nothing else, it gives people an idea of similar places to build

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! I wanted to share this just to show some more people about it. It wasn’t like I’m the only person that knows about it. Quite a bit of people know this already, so I decided to share it a bit more. May be a bad move, may be not.