Rust Hillarious Base Raid!

Tonight my group raided a base of a griefer that has been killing noobs and raiding bases. It was pretty hilarious.


That was not hilarious, that sucked. Plus the music is annoying. And why is no one ever courteous enough to embed their videos? For fuck’s sake, there is a video tag for that.

You sir, have poor taste.:dance:

And you have poor videos.

Your poor opinion.:quagmire:

Nice loot, i think those guys were total scrubs though. LOL. They didn’t even hear you. Anyways, prepare to get a bunch of comments from noobs who are going to cry.

why is it “hilarious”, its just some extremely generic raid…

Dogshit tier

looks like a normal raid to me.

C4 on barricade? :confused:
C4 on base with wooden door? :
can i cry now?