Rust hosted on NFO

I think that NFO should be allowed to host Rust servers. I would like to hear all of your comments and opinions. Here are my comments:
I think NFO deserves to host Rust servers because they are a great server host. They have nearly no lag, on my Garrys mod server. They have cheap hosting. I paid only 25$ for a 30 slots Garrys Mod server. And they have GREAT customer support. They usually respond to my questions in less than 5 minutes. They have friendly staff, great help, and a VERY reliable service. I think of all the hosts they are definitely the best, and I think that they deserve a chance to host one of the best games out there.
Its going to take a lot of comments to get this post recognized so please take the time to read and comment for yourself. Thanks for reading!

I wouldn’t exactly call NFO cheap, at least not from my memory. However I gladly pay their higher prices to actually get support. Hell I can still email them (with no servers being hosted atm) and get responses within an hour.

Actually their source games have gotten cheaper than I recall.

NFO is in fact a great service, they are friendly and will help you albeit punctual. But that’s only if you’re not too good on paying rent.

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My 2 cents is that I agree, NFO would be a good place to have hosting.

We just need to get this read enough that it will get recognized. I really want a different host to what there are now. Im tired of these generic hosts.

I agree with this. NFO would be the perfect host for Rust or any game for the matter. Their control panels very simple and basic, which people often complain about, yet I always thought that it was very easy, straight to the point and has everything and more that you need. Their support is also the best support of any GSP I’ve ever been with. If you do own a server, support is 24/7 and usually ALWAYS reply within 5 minutes no matter the time of day. They have everything and anything you’d need to run a server and be happy. I’d be glad to pay a higher price for their quality in my opinion. (assuming it is a higher price)

+1 for NFO

There are plenty of good hosts. Stream Line being one, with awesome support and a great control panel. Gary ain’t allowing any more.

The point is why not allow more? If there are more people wanting servers more people will buy the game. I just see it being a win win for both sides.

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Also its hard to guess on the price because Rust is a totally new gameserver to them. It could be higher or lower or higher depending on how it works.

They should probably kick off some of the bad hosts, the problem is they have such a monopoly on the audience, they’re neglecting their services from what I’ve gathered.

That is exactly what the problem is. Since they have monopoly they can just raise the prices and drop service quality.

The servers are like $20/month… super cheap. And there’s many companies that can host so definitely not a monopoly.

10 is not many. And 20$ a month for crap service is not worth it.

How many hosts do you need in order for it to be adequate?

Plenty of server hosts have great service, most of the bad hype comes from people raging on these forums about one-off problems that they’ve had. There are something like 6000 Rust servers, most of them run smoothly without a problem.

If people are fighting so hard for NFO because they think that they’ll get protection from DDoS attacks, well… I don’t know what NFO offers but you’d probably be able to get it, for a price. A price that’s likely out of reach for your average Rust player/server owner. But you can already get DDoS protection, at a cost. Not to mention that even with protection there’s likely nothing anyone can do to stop a DDoS attack if someone was really trying. Google “NTP amplification” and you’ll see why.

Tl;dr: The server hosts we have are fine. I don’t know what goes into the decision making process for the devs to decide who to add and when to add new server hosts. I can wager that since they’re entirely rebuilding the game from the ground up they’re probably not really worried about finding more companies to expose more people to a game that isn’t even being updated or made anymore.

Wait until the experimental branch is finished and in a playable state. It would make more sense to push the issue about new server hosts when the new game goes into production.

You make some good points. But I still think this host deserves to get a chance to host Rust servers. And since it will take so long for this to get noticed anyway we might as well start trying.

Well I guess over packed boxes arent a new thing for rust, so I guess NFO fits the bill

I just think that NFO deserves a chance. What does anyone have to loose from it?

I Agree 100%! I don’t use any other GSP then NFO.


bumping can get you banned. Short answer: No. They dont want anymore GSP’s right now, but in the future when the game is more mature, they do intend to allow more gsp, from my current understanding of past posts by Garry.