(||RUST HOUNDS||) - RUST++/Starter Kit/Active Admin/PVP/Sleeper/Genies

Server Name:

(||RUST HOUNDS||) - RUST++/Starter Kit/Active Admin/PVP/Sleeper

How to Connect:
1. From the Rust home screen press F1 to open the console.
2. Copy and paste this into that window: net.connect

 I created this server because I was tired of hackers, I was tired of griefers, and most importantly: I WAS TIRED OF PLAYING ON SERVERS WITH NO ADMIN PRESENCE!!!  My goal for this server is for it to embody how I feel rust was designed to be played.  Given the features below and our active admins I feel like we are pretty close to achieving that!  The group so far is a mature gaming community, we don't put up with trolls/griefers or hackers.  We recently did a wipe 2/8/14 and I constantly monitor the server at least 15 hours a day, and when I am not on, my other admins usually are.  **Even when I am at work** I have the server's web console open.  The server is typically **most active from 5pm est to 2am est**.  We really hope you come check us out and have some fun with us - If you have any questions, please ask and I'll try to check back here every day to reply or join the server and ask away :D

 We also we hold fun events like gladiatorial arenas(keep items on death turned ON) and Building contests to name a couple  I also only wipe if a majority of the server agrees that it is time, or if the server simply cant handle the load of all the player built structures and is becoming unplayable.  

Basically - I run this server for you, and I want everyone to have a good time - without being plagued by people and things that damage the game experience - if this is something you support - come check us out, you won’t be disappointed!

We have so many features cuz we are super cool, and totally not fat…

  1. Rust++
  2. Active admins, on every day at least 20 hours a day.
  3. Door Shares
  4. Teleports (3 per day cycle) - Find your friends easier!
  5. Propertai Ownership, destroy your own pillars/ceilings/foundations etc. with one hit.
  6. Starter Kit! Type /starter once you login to get a few helpful items :slight_smile:
  7. Airdrops, a good amount :smiley:
  8. PVP and Sleepers, for sneaky ninjas!
  9. We all have fun, come play with us!!
  10. The admin is an all-powerful genie who sometimes grants wishes!!! …seriously you guys (item spawns =D)
  11. Rules and server configs can be changed to everyone’s liking, I’m a very flexible admin :slight_smile:


Doing Bumps…small ones…ok they’re huge


This is a great server. We have a decent amount of fun/legit players. We haven’t had any real problems with the server and Kronikor is frequently online to fix anything that does go wrong. More people should join this server and get in on the fun. RUST HOUNDS for life bitches! :rock::suicide:

Yes indeed - Also, changed from RUST++ to RUST Essentials