Rust (how demanding is it? compared to other games?)

I do know its an Alpha and it changes the requirements and its not optimized fully.
But for those who have played it on a bit lower end computers, I hope you can help me out here.

I sit on a half crunchy/working laptop after moving to a new country.
Been asking around friends to see if anyone own rust so I can borrow their account and see if my laptop even can handle it.

I can play games as Farcry 3 with a bit of fps drops (ofcourse on lowset) DayZ stand alone works all fine,
Then we have some games that do not run good at all even thou it require less, Darksiders 2 have some low fps ammounts even on lowest, its playable but not to enjoyable.
Is there any games out there YOUR bad computer can run barley along with Rust so I can try and make a guess?

dayz runs on arma 2, which is a completely shitty game engine, if you can run that you can run rust.

Dayz Works, but not flawless
DayZ standalone, dont it run in the Arma 3 engine?
Luckily it have a high top, and really really low (low settings) wich makes it buttugly but playable.
So the standalone arma 3 ran better then the arma2 one sadly. :slight_smile:

Good to know, cheers for the reply.