Rust how much stress does it put on your internet connection?

Hello all,

Currently I’m working through an odd issue with Rust. I keep getting this stuttering effect where I snap back to where I was a few steps ago. Example: Run up to a resource take a swing at it, then teleport back a few steps like I never made it to the resource. After troubleshooting this some I noticed that my ping times spike high every now and then while in rust. My pings will be between 40-80ms, on average but every now and then it will spike to 1000ms+ sometimes over 2000ms. When these spikes happen I get that stutter effect in the game.

After seeing this happen in rust I wrote a script to ping and a rust server non stop and dump it into a log for a day. When looking into the log I noticed periodically I would still get an odd higher ping times, but not to the extent while in rust. For instance pinging would give me 20-60ms with the average being around 30s or so, however every 15min or so I would get 1 spike of 400-600ms. I have called my ISP and they have a tech coming out to check my levels, replace cables and or hardware if needed, however this is defiantly more noticeable in Rust or easier to replicate.

So I was wondering has anyone else seen this? or what kind of traffic is Rust generating on the pipe? My internet connection is 25mbps down 5mbps up, and the speed tests seem fine.

Any help would be appreciated,

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The sort of rubber banding and lagging that you’re describing is common, especially on high population servers with lots of player placed structures and objects.

I Admin a server and automated server restarts every 2 to 4 hours seem to help a lot (not wipes, just turn off and on again with nothing lost).

I have a cable connection with 120mbps down and 15 mbps up and my ping on most games averages between 10 and 30; I still have the same issue from time to time, more so on less well maintained servers.

if i have rust running… my internet pages wont load… rust needs to fix this