Rust - How to blow up Metal Door without destroying Small Stashes

enjoy guys, share if you like. Any questions ask below :).

Any thoughts on this video fellows?

nice informative video. but also late, there have been a few describing this before yours;)

Hey, at least I tried :D.

At least you were man enough not to cut your fail. ;D Kudos on the video.

Thanks buddy! XD

I don’t get the point of making these types of videos now since legacy will be gone before long.

Legacy wil stay for ever!

I think you should expect the unexpected! :smiley:

you place it on the door corner so it’s angled and the c4 kinda sticks out, almost perpendicular.

What are you trying to point out here?

How can you be so suuure? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because in my opinion there going to release the whole code for legacy to the public when Rust 2.0 launches. And there will be a lot of private hosted legacy server then. Or some one will make sort of a copy of wat legacy is, it’s not that hard to make in unity.

we will really find out if that’s true when time comes :smiley: