Rust How to guide.

Step 1: open cheat engine 6.2
step 2: open a rust server you want to play.
step 3: attach the cheat engine to the browser. if firefox or explorer it’s plugin container
step 4: set your value type on cheat engine to float.
step 5: set your scan type to value between…
step 6: above where you set value between put 3 and 3.9 in those 2 value spots
step 7: press first scan
step 8: open rust and make sure you’re by a hill or a box or any thing that changes your elivation.
step 9: Walk up the hill you’re by and press the key bind you have set for increase value scan.
step 10: walk down the hill you’re by and press the key bind you have set for decrease value scan.
step 11: repeat step 9 and 10 till you get around 20-40 values on cheat engine.
step 12: when you get 20-40 values bring all the values to the botton of cheat engine in the big white box at the bottom.
step 13: 5-10 of the values at the bottom on the left hand side.
step 14: go into game and jump, if you’re jump is messed up you need to open cheat engine and uncheck 1 value at a time till you get to the point where in the game you jump normal. so if your jump is bad in game go in cheat engine uncheck one value and then go into game and jump if it’s bad go back into cheat engine and uncheck another.
step 15: when you find the value that lets you jump normal when unchecked double click where it says no description and name it any thing you want so it stands out.
step 15: delete all the other values.
step 16: right click your vaule you named and set keybinds for it or press ctrl+h on when the value is high lighted.
step 17: make these following key binds for it
Flying in air keybinds-
increase value with
freeze and increase value
Key bind those two key binds to the same bind.

Door glitching keybind
Decrase value with

drop through ceiling and foundation keybind
decrase value with

WARNING: Every time you die your values will get reset so you will have to redo steps every time. Some times when you die you can suicide once and get your values back. Every time you disconnect you lose your values.

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This should be posted straight to the dev, not publicly on the forums…

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