Hello Rust players!

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We are launching a brand new server called Server started 30.1.2014

Server name:[PvP/Sleepers/50%Craft/UncraftableC4,Kevlar,MilitaryWeapons]
Server IP:

Official website:

We are a small group of players that were using others community server, but decided to form our own. Reason we did this is because a lot of admins abuse their power, like spawning items, using godmode to raid, banning players, because they raid admins etc. We had enough of this abusing, and we decided to make our successfull server, with fair admins. As I said, our server has active admins, and none of them are abusive, we like to preserve the gameplay as RUST was meant to be played. Admin Powers are only used to handle server issues, hackers, etc. Come join us on our 24/7 Survival PVP Server with a friendly group of base players all excited to play with new RUST players. Feel free to ask for advice, questions, etc. in the general chat and tons of helpful players will be able to help you out, or possibly willing to trade.

Server info:

Server slots: 200
Server location: Germany, Frankfurt
Sleepers: On
PvP: On
Uncraftable: C4, Kevlar, Military Weapons
Airdrops special: Kevlar
Airdrop at: 25+ players
Admins: Active, Not Abusing
TeamSpeak3: 30 slots

Server have a TeamSpeak3 with 30 slots, and will be upgraded if needed.
TeamSpeak3 IP:

Our server is powered by Oxide
C4, Kevlar, and Military weapons are uncraftable and unresearchable. You can get C4 in weapon boxes, ammo boxes and in airdrops, kevlar parts in airdrop and military weapons in weapon boxes.

We have few active admins, that do not abuse.

Our server have rules. Breaking this rules will result in a mute or permanent ban!
1 – Don’t hack or exploit!
2 – Don’t use homophobic or racist language!
3 – Do not spam!

Regards, [HueHue]Marko.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))