[Rust++/PvP/Sleepers] Starting 29.January.2014

Hello Rust players!

Highly recommending bookmarking this website!
We are launching a brand new server called Rust-HueHue. Server will be released on 29th of January at 00.00 UTC+1. We also rent a TeamSpeak3 server with 30 slots, and will upgrade it if needed.

Server name:
Server IP: net.connect
TeamSpeak3 IP:
Official Website:

Server info:
Server slots: 200
Server location: Germany, Frankfurt
Sleepers: On
PvP: On
Airdrop at: 25+ players
Admins: Active, Not Abusing
TeamSpeak3: 30 slots

This server is powered by Rust++
Player commands: /help, /location, /history, /pm, /r and /ping
Join notice: On
Leave notice: On
Death messages: On
Voice notifications: On
Admins permissions: Kick, Ban and Mute

Our server have rules. Breaking this rules will result in a permanent ban!

1 – Don’t hack or exploit!
2 – Don’t use homophobic or racist language!
3 – Do not spam!

Greetings, Rust-HueHue

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Only 2 hours till start! Prepare yourself and tell your friends about this server for more fun!
Greetings, Rust-HueHue

Can’t wait till start! Looking for a good server long time… Now I think i found it :slight_smile:

Me neither :wink: Yeah I know… We were searching for good servers to, but everywhere admin abusers. Here, I can guarantee you, that here is no Admin abusing, because all admins have only Kick, Ban and Mute permissions.
Greetings, Rust-HueHue

defiantly going to hope on this server when launches

Yeah. There will be a lot of active admins and no mercy to hackers. Hope this server have a good future :slight_smile:

Only one more hour! Can’t wait!!! :open_mouth:

Now only 30 minutes. Hope you are prepared :stuck_out_tongue:

5 MINUTEES. Be prepared for meh! ;D

Yeah. Server just started :slight_smile: Good luck!

Great server! no lags! Nice ppl!

I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

OMFG. I love it. Didn’t know it will be so awesome! <3

Thanks :slight_smile:


Well. I love this server. Already few good gunfights :slight_smile: I won them :smiley:

Server is down?