Rust Human Artillery

Hello! I recently posted this, but the thread was closed/account banned for all caps title. My fault! Anyways, I just wanted to have this up so people could see it. Thanks!

I recently discovered a glitch, and with the help of a friend recorded it for you guys. The first link is a third person perspective, and the second is a first person perspective. Enjoy.

“Golly, I got banned, better evade it with an alt!”

Thats hilarious

shrug. I think it’s a little silly to be banned simply for having a caps title. Not as if I were slandering/swearing/etc. At least a warning or something =). Besides if the moderator bans me now, oh well I guess.

Not really silly. Have you seen the way the threads have been lately? It’s best that postal keeps a strict enforcement on the rules to keep the forums ‘clean’. Funny glitch though. Haha

Yeah I guess you’re right

Dude, I got banned 5 days for writting a sentence in french in a post…

This forum is a joke, just keep that in mind and don’t take it too seriously!

It has been a long time since I’ve heard this song… oh my god.

Interesting glitch though, I must say.

nice bug, lol