Stop to releasing updates every week! I want to play without restarts!

I can play only 3-4 hour per day. I need to farm farm farm farm and then I will have some c4. And what then? Right. Zeroing:cry:

P.S. Pls change topic name to “Stop to releasing updates every week”

well… go and play another game that is not in early access?
I love the weekly updates, allways something new and fun.

They can release them every month. ONE BIG UPDATE every month.

Ah… I see the problem now… u’re russian… and your wodka-net can’t keep up with the updates since it needs around one week to download it, aren’t I’m right? :cool:

WTF. for about 8$ per month. Okay?
My friends and me don’t have enought time to game like nerds. A lot of people agree with me. Developers need only to combine all small updates to one BIG.

debated making a joke about “filthy casuals” but figured it would detract from my point.

the game is in active development, and you are demanding they stop interrupting your gameplay with their development cycle? those weekly updates ARE the combined small updates. seriously, you are “suggesting” something very counter intuitive to the completion of the game. maybe stop playing a while until the game is further along if you are so worried about holding onto your progression.